18 February 2010

Support for Online Learning

A recent survey of available literature has found that students who take online instruction in English composition courses benefit from face-to-face contact with peers and instructors. The survey recommends that:
instructors of online freshman composition courses incorporate actual or simulated face-to-face meetings and one-on-one conferences into their curriculums in order to improve the sense of community in the online classroom, mitigate issues with accountability, encourage exploratory discussion, engage diverse learning styles, improve student-instructor interaction, and increase their efficiency as an instructor. With the support of literature, this article claims that the intrinsic learning opportunities and benefits of face-to-face interaction in dealing with freshman composition students outweigh the inherent inconveniences that live or synchronous online features may cause.
This is the precise aim of Paradox Educational Services, operating in the Williams Lake region in BC. Students benefit from a sense of community and accountability for their work provided by real-time face-to-face or online support as they work through their online courses. The flexibility Paradox provides, along with the reasonable costs of such support, enhance students' educational experience and increase their performance and evaluations.

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