10 February 2010

Developing a (Changing) View of Education

As the new year enters its second month, I am reflecting upon the nature of education within a context of rapidly shifting technology in social media and education online (thanks to an invitation to Google Wave, participation and facilitation in an online course with both asynchronous and synchronous components, and the announcement of Apple's upcoming release of iPad). In terms of my face-to-face classes at TRU in Williams Lake (English and Business Writing), I am considering how to use meeting times and online resources most effectively. Recent conversations with leaders from outlying communities in the region and the local coordinator for alternative university education in Williams Lake (a.k.a. Weekend U), I need to consider how best to meet the needs of a learning community dispersed-but-linked via Internet communication and media lines.

Will Richardson has gathered a list of very significant questions that he poses for our consideration. The questions probe the nature of education in our changing society/-ies. I am posting the link to his information gathering survey here in order to facilitate readers' input in the process. In addition, I would be grateful for readers to interact with the main question Richardson poses on his blog and to continue the discussion on this blog, as well.

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