02 June 2009

Setup and Licences

I have now prepared a business plan, proposed it to the local agency supporting business ventures (Community Futures), and had it approved. It is time to move ahead with the registry of Paradox Educational Services in the province of British Columbia and the town of Williams Lake.
While the focus of operations will be upon new university students taking online courses, I have observed considerable interest on the part of other students.
  1. Several people in the local area need an ESL class.
  2. Several students who have completed as much university locally as they can are interested in continuing their education without leaving the area.
  3. Several people with B.A. degrees are interested in pursuing graduate education.
  4. Professional organizations whose members are required to demonstrate ongoing professional development desire not to have to travel to attend such courses.
  5. Several local people lack the necessary computer skills to feel comfortable taking online courses.
  6. Local reserve communities have asked me to offer courses in language and culture study, documentation, and revitalization.

In order to increase immediate subscriptions to the services I offer, I have begun researching how I can serve these people mentioned above. Of the five groups of people mentioned, #1 and #5 offer the greatest possibilities for immediate response. The most likely scenario for meeting the other needs listed is that such courses would begin in the fall semester of 2009.

It is likely that at least one ESL course will meet weekly beginning in June. I am also going to try to recruit a class of people who want to explore computer skills and literacy.

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