11 June 2009

I have continued to get word out concerning Paradox Educational Services and the possibility of holding ESL classes in the area. I keep running into people who are trying to (or wanting to) continue their university studies by taking more advanced courses in their programs online. Many of these people have questions concerning how and what courses taken at TRU will transfer to other programs that are advertised as fully online (e.g. Athabasca, Dalhousie, etc.). I need to check this out thoroughly. Some people have finished 2 years of their B.A. or B.S. and received (something like) an A.A., but would like to stay in Williams Lake while they finish their baccalaureate online.
I am also preparing a presentation to offer to the local association of certified general accountants and chartered accountants regarding their needs for professional development, an annual requirement of presentations and coursework to maintain their provincial credentials. It is hoped that Paradox can provide adequate services so that the accountants will not need to commute to Prince George or Kamloops to fulfill these requirements.

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