20 August 2009


As part of the service offered by Paradox, there is a free, first-time consultation session. In this session, I meet with the prospective client to see what interests, ambitions, and resources clients have with regard to pursuing an online education in Williams Lake. I ask several standard questions to get a rough idea of these things, such as:
  1. What is your current education level?
  2. What is the area of study (discipline) you would like to pursue?
  3. What are your ultimate reasons for continuing your education?
  4. What educational goals do you have?
  5. Do you know others who are interested in pursuing the same or similar goals?
As the answers to these questions are discussed, there are several other factors that may come into the discussion. These are often seen to be constraints that prevent clients from achieving their educational goals. Among these are:
  • schedule (work, family, etc.),
  • finances (income, debt, etc.),
  • academic skills (past performance, computer literacy, etc.),
  • logistics (personal study space, equipment, etc.), and
  • personal constraints (fear of technology, lack of motivation, etc.).
In the consideration of these potential blocks, clients often become discouraged, seeing their goals receding before their very eyes, as it were! Nevertheless, these are the exact obstacles to education that Paradox was created to address. For that reason, we offer flexibility to work around logistic, schedule and financial constraints, plus individually designed education plans to address constraints posed by such things academic history, computer skills, and other factors.

While it is very helpful for clients to consider such issues prior to their free consultation with Paradox, it is crucial that they not let these deliberations discourage them from pursuing their educational goals. In the Williams Lake area, students who need to achieve academic success in online education will find an ally in Paradox Educational Services.
  • Reflect on these things;
  • Plan for your future;
  • Contact us now--the new semester begins soon!

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